Tips to Get Fit for Your Wedding

Today in my weekly #WeddingWednesday blog I’ll be sharing Tone It Up’s Tips to Get Fit for Your Wedding. After reading this post every bride-to-be will be feeling fit and ready to walk down the aisle. Also if you’re not a bride but want to tone up, these tips are excellent for getting in shape and feeling your best.

Tips to Tone Up Before Your Wedding
1. Plan it out. Take five minutes every morning to make a “To Do List” and set your intentions for the day. Map out how you’ll accomplish everything and don’t sweat it if things don’t go as planned. Remember what you’re grateful for and, at the end of the day, be sure to give your fiancé a big hug!
2. Get moving in the morning. We all know that if you push your workout to later in the day, planning, meetings, tastings and making decisions will distract you from the main event—you, the bride! Put your goals and your health first. We recommend doing a high intensity routine first thing in the morning. It’s the best way to get your metabolism going and it will make you feel great all day long.

3. Hydrate! We all know that with a long list of to-dos, it’s hard to remember to take care of ourselves. And that includes drinking enough water. When you’re hydrated, your metabolism is faster and your brain works faster (great for all of that wedding planning). Plus your hair, skin and nails will thank you and you’ll have more energy to workout and tackle your day. To ensure you’re getting enough water, we recommend carrying around a water bottle with you everywhere. Wake up and drink 10 ounces of water, drink 8 ounces before lunch, continue to sip throughout the day and make sure you have plenty before bed and by your bedside.

4. Boost your metabolism. Speaking of hydration and your metabolism… want to know a bridal trick? Not only will this boost your metabolism and give you energy, it also has a cleansing effect first thing in the morning. As soon as you wake up, squeeze a fresh lemon in your water along with a drop of turmeric and a shake of cayenne pepper.
5. Stay Lean, Clean & Green. First things first: Cut out all fake sugars. (This is something I have such a hard time doing because I have a major sweet tooth.) Say goodbye to chemicals that cause you to hold onto stubborn fat cells, make you tired and cause hunger, bloat and cellulite. In return you can say hello to abs, a healthy brain, healthy joints, a functioning liver, beautiful skin and a higher metabolism. We know you’ll never go back! Stick to what we like to call, Lean, Clean and Green at Tone It Up. Lean Proteins, Clean, non-processed foods and plenty of Greens and fresh fruits.
6. Tone It Up! Getting a great workout routine can mean the difference between feeling good on your wedding night and feeling absolutely great. Being confident will make all the difference, and we truly believe that treating your body well and working out builds a huge amount of confidence.

7. Partner up. Ask your fiancé and bridesmaids to join you in your fitness journey! Having a support system is one of the best ways to reach your goals and stick to a plan. It will also hold you accountable. It’s also a great time to focus on catching up before and after, or talking about non-wedding related things. 8. Disconnect. Don’t be afraid to take a time out. Your mind and body will need a break! Reward all of your hard work with a spa trip, massage or a bubble bath. It will help you refocus your goals, workouts, to-dos and intentions. Decompress, enjoy the moment and take it in. You only get to plan a wedding once, so remembering what’s important is what will going to keep you smiling and glowing.

Do you have any tips or tricks you like to use when getting ready for a special event? Tweet to me @JaimieHilfiger and let me know!

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