The Jaimie Hilfiger Collection by La Curcio Phase II

I am beyond excited to announce that The Jaimie Hilfiger Collection by La Curcio Phase II is currently On Sale at! I am thrilled to share these five new products with all of you. This collection means so much to me because La Curcio and I are delivering products that generate actual results for real skin concerns.

About two years ago when I moved to Miami Beach, I started to experience major skin issues due to the heat and humidity. I saw several ‚Äúcelebrity dermatologists‚ÄĚ and no one could really pin point my issue or find an effective treatment. I was so lucky to have met Jacki Curcio, Founder and CEO of La Curcio Beauty Collections at this time. With her 40+ years of knowledge and experience in skincare she developed a dynamic duo of a calming masque followed by a calming serum to relive my aggravated skin. I have never experienced such immediate and fast results in my life! When Jacki and I were discussing which products we wanted to introduce for Phase II, there was not a doubt in my mind that I wanted to share this Calming Duo with you. The results are so immediate that I often refer to this duo as secret weapons. We also included an Ultra Detox Masque with an accompanying Hydrating Boost and a Luxury Face and Eye Makeup Remover that removes even the toughest makeup. Check out The Jaimie Hilfiger Collection by La Curcio Phase II products below!


Product Description Soothing Gel with Chamomile & Aloe Softens and smoothes skin while quickly dissolving even tough face and eye makeup, including excess oils and impurities. Suitable for all skin types.


Product Description Calms Soothes & Ultra Hydrates with Chamomile, Rose, Red Tea & Cucumber. Includes Ultra Calming Serum to use post Ultra Calming Masque.


Product Description Purifies, Exfoliates & Deep Cleanses with Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Seaweed & Zinc Oxide. Includes Post Ultra Detox Masque Hydrating Boost to use post Ultra Detox Masque. Leaves skin soft & refreshed. *Not Recommended for Sensitive skin.

I hope you enjoy these new products as much as I do. Feel free to tweet me with any questions @JaimieHilfiger

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