Sparkly Wedding Inspirations

Happy #WeddingWednesday Everyone! For today’s post I thought it’d be fun to share a few ideas about one of my favorite wedding trends: diamonds and sparkles! I’m seeing it pop up a lot more this year and wanted to share a few ways you can incorporate this trend into your wedding decor. It’s important to not let anyone ever dull your sparkle. Take a peek at some of my favorite ideas!

Crystalized Wedding Dress

Of course my favorite way to add sparkle to your wedding is to have a crystalized wedding dresses. I love the idea of a sparkly bodice on a princess style gown. It’s so delicate, full of sequins, and has a classic feel to it that will forever be lovely.

Cinderella’s Diamond Slippers

You know the quote, “Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.” Well, this quote is 100% correct especially on your wedding day! I love us a good pair of heels with some sparkle. Even if your shoes aren’t seen during much of the day because your wedding dress covers it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a little surprise bling under there. It’s always makes for a fun photos, and when you’re out on the dance floor and they peep out, guests will love it!

Diamond Headpiece

Some brides decide against wearing a veil these days so a nice alternative can be a diamond headpiece. It can either be passed down (as your “something old”), was once a necklace, or is just a special piece bought specifically for their wedding. And who didn’t love Kim Kardashain’s diamond headpiece for your second wedding…Swoon!

Sparkler Exit/Entrance

While it is a tradition after a couple says their ‘I Do’s’ to throw ‘confetti/rice’ as the couple walks back down the aisle as newlyweds. I say, nix the rice and go for something that your guests will have a blast waving. If you are having an evening wedding I think this idea is super chic. Also you don’t have to worry about a mess on the ground.

Crystal Wedding Aisle

Who doesn’t want to walk down a studded crystal aisle to the man of your dreams? Enough said.

Diamond Desserts

I love the idea of having a diamond-studded dessert table. I think it adds such a glamours touch to one of the best parts of the day…The Sweets!

Shinny Invitations

What better way to start your wedding off than with a sparkly wedding invitation. This will let guests know what to expect for your big day. It will also give a more formal feel to your wedding.

That’s a lot of sparkly inspiration for you. It’s details like these that make me fall in love with wedding planning, every day. I hope I’ve sparked some ideas for your wedding. My entire wedding will be sparkling from beginning to end and I cannot wait to share it with you! Do you have any sparkling inspiration? Tweet to me @jaimiehilfiger.

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