My Nighttime Skincare Routine Using La Curcio

Recently I’ve been asked a lot about what my nighttime skincare routine looks like. It’s pretty extensive because according to researchers at the University of California-Irvine, new skin cells grow faster while you sleep, so a good evening facial routine should be a high priority. At night, the goal is to repair damage from the day’s pollution, stress and elements, as well as to hydrate and replenish since you lose more water from your skin as you sleep, according to Jacki Curcio, founder and CEO of La Curcio Collection.

To make it easy for you to follow along, I’ve broken down my regime into simple steps. Here they are:
First, I remove my makeup with my Jaimie Hilfiger Collection Ultra Face & Eye Makeup Remover Gel. It effectively removes all residue and any makeup from the day. The remover gel balances and improves cell renewal while sleeping! Then I cleanse with La Curcio Luminous Gentle Rose Cleanser. It’s calming and anti aging and has the most luxurious smell!

Second I spray on La Curcio Equalizer Essential Skin Balance Mist. It’s so refreshing and super hydrates. The equalizer is rich in powerful antioxidant COQ10 which is a key element to anti-aging.

Third, I apply (in an upward motion) La Curcio Crystal Drops Ultra Firm & Smooth Cocktail to my face, eyes and neck to improve, maintain and anti-age!

Fourth, I can apply moisturizer (after waiting about a minute letting the serum penetrate). I only use a dab of La Curcio Luminous I Day Cream. I find it’s best to press this cream into the skin and not to use a rubbing motion.

Fifth, I pat La Curcio Luminous Macro Repair Eye Cream all around my eyes. I always feel eye cream is the most important because the skin around your eyes is so delicate.

Lastly, I apply my JH Collection Ultra Moist Lip Balm and JH Collection Luxury Hand Cream for moisture, softness and extra anti-aging benefits.

o there you have it! My complete nighttime skincare routine broken down for you step-by-step. Any questions tweet to me @jaimiehilfiger

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