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Exclusive Interview with Jamie Hilfiger on her new line of Products

By: SARAH DEARMOND When I first heard of Jaimie Hilfiger, I was intrigued. She has a very striking appearance and seems very confidant. I decided to give her website a try. Unlike some heiresses, Jaimie Hilfiger actually earns her money and works hard. A good work ethic is something that I greatly admire. I took a chance and reached out to her publicist to see if I could interview Jaimie and I was honored to have the opportunity to do so. Below are my questions followed by Jaimie’s answers. What are your favorite brands to wear and what do you think are the trends that we should be looking out for this winter? I love high end designers like Chanel, Dior, and Versace. I also love contemporary brands like Herve Leger, ALEXIS, and Alice & Olivia. I’ve never been a slave to trends. I’ve always worn pieces that I love and styles that look best on my body. There are certain trends that I love though. This winter I love the “Car Wash Skirt” which is more polished then fringe that can be worn day to night. I am also loving how flare jeans/pants are making a comeback as well as faux-fur jackets and stoles. I know that you work as a spokesmodel, can you tell me what companies you’ve represented? I started my career in the entertainment industry as a spokesmodel so I have been fortunate enough to represent many high-end clothing, beauty, jewelry, fitness, and fashion companies. Right now I am currently the international spokesmodel for i.d x-change by IGAL DAHAN, i.d x-change is a jewelry line worn by many celebrities and sold in over 30 countries ( I am also the brand ambassador and spokesmodel for La Curcio Skincare Collection. This is a luxury skincare line made with the finest ingredients and has proven results ( Is it true that you’re in talks for a reality TV show? Yes. This past spring, I made my network debut on E!’s ‘New Money’ TV show. It was a fabulous experience and I am currently in talks for other projects. I also know that you’re working on some very nice lounge-wear for women. Can you tell our readers about it? The lounge-wear line that I am currently developing is going to be a ‘transitional wardrobe’ that women can wear between work and bedtime. Many times, women get home from work and have no clue what to put on. They don’t want to stay in their work clothes that they have been in all day and then don’t want to immediately get into their P.J s at 5:00 pm. That’s why I am making a collection that women can slip into and still feel sexy when or whomever they live with gets home from work. Everyone who hears my idea (men and women alike) are in love with the concept! I would love for high-end department stores to carry it. I know that you’ve started your own skincare line with Jacki Curcio. I’m sure that our readers would love to know more and where they can buy it. The Jaimie Hilfiger Collection by La Curcio and the signature La Curcio Skincare Line can both be found on Also from time to time we do flash sales on sites like and so it’s great to keep a lookout for those as well. Finally, a lot of us women have a pretty extensive nighttime skincare routine-myself included! Can you share what your nighttime skincare routine consists of and any beauty tips? First I remove my makeup with my Jaimie Hilfiger Collection Ultra Face & Eye Makeup Remover Gel. It effectively removes all residue and any makeup from the day. The remover gel balances and improves cell renewal while sleeping! Next I cleanse with La Curcio Luminous Gentle Rose Cleanser followed by their Equalizer Essential Skin Balance Mist that hydrates, firms and is rich in the powerful antioxidant COQ10. Then I apply the Crystal Drops Ultra Firm & Smooth Cocktail to my face, eyes and neck to improve, maintain and anti-age and La Curcio Moisturizer and Eye Cream. Lastly, I apply my JH Collection Ultra Moist Lip Balm and JH Collection Luxury Hand Cream for moisture, softness and extra anti-aging benefits. Thanks for doing the interview Jaimie! It was my pleasure and best of luck to you in the future! By: SARAH DEARMOND

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