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The Eye Jaimie Hilfiger Talks New Skincare Line, Modeling Career And Life As Tommy’s Niece: Exclusive Interview The Hilfiger family has moved from fashion to beauty! Jaimie Hilfiger, a model, blogger and Tommy Hilfiger’s niece, has launched a capsule skincare collection with La Curcio. The three products, a Hydrating Mist, Ultra Moist Lip Balm and Luxury Hand Cream, are now available on

We called up Jaimie to talk about her new skincare line, her career and life as a member of a famous family: How did your collaboration with La Curcio come about? I’ve always been interested in the beauty business. Everyone just assumes because my last name is Hilfiger that I’m into fashion, and I do love it, but I really have a passion for beauty products. Around this time last year, I was approached by the founder and CEO of La Curcio and she wanted to send me some of their products to have me test them out and see if I liked them. I fell in love with the line because I have highly sensitive skin and all their products are natural and made without parabens and all of those chemical bad things. My skin took to it really well. We formed a bond and started talking. I told her about my passion for skincare and makeup and beauty and she was like, “I would love for you to do a capsule collection with my brand.” I was so happy because La Curcio is such a name in the beauty world and I was happy to put my name on their products as well. It seems like the collection is all about luxury but also all about health. You are 100% right on that. I’ve worked with some of the world’s best makeup artists, and I know that most of the products that they use, especially in the United States, are made with so many chemicals. The word “fragrance” appears a lot and that word can hide 600 different meanings. I always thought that I would love to make a beauty product that actually works but is also not harmful to your skin. La Curcio’s products combine a luxury with being healthy for your skin. If you’re pregnant, you’re 100% able to use it. It’s definitely something that’s safe. And it’s made in the USA and not tested on any animals, and those are causes that are also really important to me.

What’s your skincare routine like? Since I do have highly sensitive skin, my own skincare routine is pretty lengthy. I have to take extra care of my skin, and I live in Miami Beach where the humidity is very high and that wreaks havoc on my skin. I have a lot of steps, but they’re all the normal steps people should be doing to begin with: I wash, I tone, I put my serum on, I moisturize, and I always have to put on sunscreen. It doesn’t really matter where you live, you should always add sunscreen as your last layer to begin with. One thing I don’t do is I don’t use any scrubs because my skin is way too sensitive for that. You’ve done so many things. You’ve modeled, you’re a blogger, and now you have this beauty line. What direction do see yourself focusing on in the future? My main passion is modeling. I’ve been modeling since I was a little girl. With my partnership with La Curcio, I’m also the face and spokesmodel. It’s nice because I get to do beauty shoots for La Curcio and I’m able to promote my line as well. Modeling is always my number one passion, and I really see in the future my career going how Cindy Crawford has her Meaningful Beauty line. I see it going in that path because I have such a passion for skincare and beauty and cosmetics and even hair care. With La Curcio, we’re going to be coming out with three new products by Christmas and in 2016 we’re going to expand into a cosmetic line. That’s something I’m so excited about. We’ve already created my signature lipstick and a black liquid liner and mascara. That’s going to be the big project for 2016.

Who are some people whose beauty and fashion you admire? Definitely Jennifer Lopez. She is my ultimate style icon, beauty icon. She is so gorgeous and so beautiful. You can tell that she hasn’t had major plastic surgery. Some celebrities have changed so much with fillers and Botox, but she hasn’t. She always reinvents herself but her new look is always in tune with her trademark style. You worked with her in the past, didn’t you? My uncle worked with her when she had her line in Macy’s. Back in college I did a summer internship at her office. What has it been like breaking into the fashion and beauty world as part of such a famous family? It’s definitely had its positive and negatives. The major positive that I have is just the recognizable last name. The name is so recognizable, it’s not like my last name is Lauren or Klein. Hilfiger is such an odd last name that if you meet someone with the last name Hilfiger, chances are they’re going to be part of my large family. But that’s basically the only positive. There’s been a lot of negatives because a lot of people assume that I’ve gotten to where I am because of my uncle, but in reality he does his own thing and I do my thing and our careers have never coincided and he’s never helped me. I’ve done everything on my own. It’s a huge misconception. It’s even a misconception within my own family. Last weekend, one of my cousins said, “The reason why you’ve gotten so much press is because Tommy hired your publicist” and I said, “What are you talking about? Tommy doesn’t even know my publicist and my publicist has never even met Tommy.” That is definitely a negative. 99% of the people you meet and the people you encounter think your success has come from someone helping you, when in reality it hasn’t. My uncle loves me and supports me in whatever I do but he’s never leant a helping hand.

I was looking at your website and I saw a mention of an upcoming reality TV show? I was just on an episode E!’s “New Money,” and that was my debut. It was a docu-series about people starting from the bottom and working their way to the top. In the future, I hope to have my own reality show and show the world how I do my business.

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