My Interview with – A Moment With Jaimie Hilfiger

Jaimie Hilfiger the American heiress, socialite, model and entrepreneur with the famous family name is forging her own path in beauty, fashion and business. Not resting on her laurels of a modeling career started at a young age, the niece of American fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger, armed with a bachelors degree who pursued modeling with more than walking runways and sitting for photographers in mind — she had her eye on fashion and beauty beyond the runway. Her long time experience sitting in makeup chairs was an education on the value of good skincare and a deeper knowledge of the products and their effects. She heeded the advice and now shares it with women, in her luxury skincare collection the JH Collection by La Curcio. EAT LOVE SAVOR spent a moment in conversation with Jaimie in this exclusive interview.

Coming from the world of modeling, changed your relationship with skincare. How did it change your regime and approach to how you take care of yours? “I began modeling around age seven and my first modeling agent taught me the importance of having a good skincare regime. I remember her telling me that I was too young to worry about issues like acne and wrinkles at the moment, but it was important to have a strong foundation in learning about taking care about my skin. Looking back on it today, I am so happy to have had the knowledge at a young age. I am very regimented about my skincare routine because my skin always has to be 100 percent camera ready for photoshoots.” What is your skincare regime? “In the morning I cleanse with the La Curcio Luminous Gentle Rose Cleanser. It’s calming and has anti-aging ingredients. Then I use the Equalizer Essential Skin Balance Mist that hydrates, firms and is rich in the powerful antioxidant COQ10. Then I apply La Curcio Crystal Drops Ultra Firm & Smooth Cocktail to my face, eyes and neck to improve, maintain and anti-age. Next I can apply moisturizer. I use La Curcio Luminous I Day Cream and Luminous MacroRepair Eye Cream, my Jaimie Hilfiger Collection Luxury Ultra Moist Lip Balm alone or under my lipstick and JH Collection Luxury Hand Cream for ultra moisture, softness and ultra anti-aging benefits. If I’m wearing makeup for the day, I finish with My JH Collection Luxury Ultra Hydrating Spray to set and glow. For PM, I repeat the AM routine along with my new Jaimie Hilfiger Collection Ultra Face & Eye Makeup Remover gel to effectively remove all residue and any makeup as well as to balance and improve cell renewal while I sleep.” What do you see as the future of luxury skincare? “Skincare is constantly evolving. That’s the beauty of it. There will be many advancements in the future and women will start to become more aware of how important it is to take good care of their skin. I think that women will realize that there is much more to skincare than cleansing and moisturizing. Each step is imperative to the whole process.” What is your vision and plan for your line? “My concept is to Introduce specialty luxury products that are functional and essential as well as to enhance La Curcio signature products for extended care and benefits. Our combined ideas are endless with many new products coming this winter.” Why are there only three pieces in your collection? “Jacki Curcio, founder and CEO of La Curcio, and I are about long term, visible results and what is best for our women. It’s not a race and it’s much more fun to be able to develop new items to introduce that are fabulous additions to everyone’s collection.” What inspired the partnership with La Curcio? “The Beauty of La Curcio is that they are a leading brand with visible, cutting-edge results that are formulated for everyone. La Curcio is all about enhancing, improving, maintaining and preserving your unique beauty for a lifetime. I wanted to partner with a company that fit everyone’s skincare needs. It’s a great time to start with La Curcio. Whether you’re 20 or 70, you will see results and cumulative effects.” What do you wish people knew about taking care of their skin and beauty? I wish that people knew about the harmful chemicals and “fragrances” that many companies add to their products and were more concerned about the negative effects this causes in later years. It’s always important to read skincare label ingredients just as you would read food ingredients.

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