Let Your T-Shirt Do the Talking

Now that spring is already here it’s time to unpack our shorts, our baseball hats and, most importantly, our funny T-shirts. There’s been one major trend hitting the fashion scene this season, and that’s the slogan T-shirt. Everywhere you look, from the high street shops to street style fashionistas and bloggers alike, T-shirts have been emblazoned with attention grabbing statements. Some are funny because they’re good jokes, some are funny because they’re classics, and a large number are funny simply because someone would actually wear them. Everyone has been wearing their thoughts on their T-shirts. Slogan T-shirts not only look cool but they are also a sneaky way of expressing how we really feel.

And this is how I really feel 24/7… Like a tattoo, the slogan T-shirt has become the weapon of choice in order to make a statement without saying a word. When was the last time you wore a slogan T-shirt out of the house? In my opinion the best website to find slogan T-shits is http://nkdboutique.com. They have the most creative, in style sayings, and NKD Boutique even lets you create your own slogans! Of course my favorite is “Save Water, Drink Champagne” (pictured above) but check our some of my other favorites!

Take a look at http://nkdboutique.com, find your favorite slogan T- shirt and let your tee do the talking! What are some of your favorites? Let me know @jaimiehilfiger

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