Fun Bingo-Themed Ideas for Your Bridal Shower

Your wedding is going to be one of the most beautiful experiences you’ll have in your life, but if there was anything more exciting for the bride than marrying the love of her life, it’s getting everything over and done with, according to Bustle contributor Amanda Chatel. It’s not just the big day itself that induces stress because it’s all the events that lead up to the ceremony that can also take a toll on you, starting with the bridal shower. As much as you feel everything must be extravagant, going for simplicity may just be what will deter you from a bridezilla transformation. And when it comes to planning your bridal shower, why not go for something less pretentious and something low-key and fun like a bingo theme?

With barnyard ceremonies, polaroid guestbooks and other rustic wedding ideas, lots of people are going back to the basics and using old school ideas to add a unique element to their journey down the aisle, ideas such as bingo. As unexpected as it may seem, bingo’s resurgence is largely attributed by experimentation with themes across the industries, including the wedding industry which has created games like Wedding Speech Bingo. It’s games like these that have provided opportunities for gaming operators to seek out new players, particularly Gala Bingo which has a Celebrity Wedding Anniversary Generator that allows brides-to-be to see if they will share their anniversary with any of the stars. Bingo has permanently made its mark in the wedding planning world, so embrace the bingo trend and try out these ideas for size on the day of your bridal shower:

1) Bingo cupcakes Cupcakes are a must have for bridal showers, which can be decorated with varying colors and numbers or arrange them to look like a bingo card.

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2) Bridal Shower Bingo In a previous post, it was mentioned that games are only one aspect of the shower, not the main event, but the game that you absolutely must have for the occasion is Bridal Shower Bingo that you can play with premade cards or customize your own.

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3) Bingo card invitations In the same way that you can make bingo save-the-date cards, you can do it with invitations for your bridal shower.

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4) Bingo decorations If you love DIY crafts, you’ll love making these decorations. Create bingo banners by punching holes at the sides of old bingo cards and connect them wit streamers or ribbons. You can also make bingo chip charms to add onto wine and champagne bottles using copper wire, ribbon and other pieces you’d like to add.

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