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Hello September! Hello Fashion Month! As many of you know, September is all about highlighting fall fashion. While I tend use every month as an excuse to refresh the trends in my closet, September kicks off a whole new season (and just so happens to be the biggest fashion month of the year!) I know that it isn’t quite time to transition your summer clothes out completely, so today I’m going to highlight the perfect skirt that’s appropriate for end of summer and early fall events.

is a stunning, ethically-conscious fashion line that was created by Shivam Punjya. The collection consists of structured lines, tailored edges and luxurious fabrics. The attention to detail in their designs is incomparable. Behno is “Made in India” offering luxury and style without compromising values. Shivam created Behno as a response to a trip he took to India as a graduate student – he was both impressed by the beauty and quality of the textile work being done in India, and horrified at the poor working conditions – particularly of women, who make up more than half of the textile and garment workers in India. The 2013 collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, solidified his plan to create a fashion brand that would be different and set a new standard for factory workers. The Behno fashion brand emerged, along with “The Behno Standard – a mission to redefine the craft and character of what it means to say “Made in India,” and set strong guidelines for Indian factory manufacturing. Managed by the NGO, MSA Ethos, Behno factories improve the quality of life and safety of the women in the garment trade offering support in areas such as health care, family care, safety, and transportation. Behno’s unyielding commitment to ethical garmenting and their cutting-edge yet timeless styling make them a perfect addition to the Master & Muse collection.

My favorite piece from their F/W collection is the OSKAR Skirt. This skirt is made in a techy, spongy, knit with floating tassels at the hem. With an elastic waistband, it is effortless, chic, and has just the right amount of spring, bounce, and fun. It’s the perfect end of summer skirt that can easily transition into the fall. I can’t wait to wear it during NYFW.

Shop the look HERE! Also be sure to follow Behno Fashion on instagram @behno_official and on Twitter @behno_official

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